Welcome to AIUSWA

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To promote the quality and efficiency of life in cities and towns across Western Australia

Welcome to the Australian Institute of Urban Studies in Western Australia.

Our Role:

AIUSWA is recognised as the leading independent influence in urban living and sustainability, able to take a balanced and inclusive perspective on issues affecting urban affairs in Western Australia as AIUSWA is not beholden to any specific representative group.

Our Commitment:

Our Commitment is to provide unbiased, independent yet inclusive debateon all aspects of urban life.

 Our Activities:

Our Activities revolve around what we see as the three key elements of urban life:

  • People
  • Product
  • Place

Our Activities involve the provision of unbiased and independent yet inclusive debate, research, publication and commentary to strategically influence decision making not just through the eyes of planners and policy makers but through the eyes of users.

Our Activities allow our members to work with:

  • Government
  • Other Institutes and Associations,
  • Professional and Commercial Organisationss
  • Policy Makers
  • Academics and Educationalists
  • General Public

on the development of robust future planning concepts for the State of Western Australia.

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Choosing Right Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

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How To Choose The Right Bathtubs For Bathroom Renovations

Although not every bathroom today has a full-sized tub, it’s definitely worth investing in. A bathtub provides the perfect place for a relaxing soak that will leave you feeling peaceful and rejuvenated. When it comes to doing bathroom renovations at your home, we encourage you to utilize the tips below for getting the right bathtub for your room.

The first tip we have for you is to determine the amount of space in your bathroom that you can devote to a bathtub when doing Bathroom Renovations Melbourne GIA Renovations This is the key to ensuring that the tub you get fits delicately in its intended space without looking too awkward or not fitting at all. You should give yourself maximum measurements for length, width, and height. Write down these measurements so you don’t forget them. They’ll be extremely helpful when choosing the style of the tub you want later in the process.

The next decision you should make is what sort of features you want out of your tub. For example, if you’re interested in just a nice long soak at the end of the day, then a deep tub is your best bet. If you enjoy the massaging jets or bubbles, then you’ll want to add those features to your list. Bathroom renovations http://www.giarenovations.com.au/ are intended to make your bathroom more unique to fit your own needs. Take some necessary time and list out all of the features you must have in a tub. Then, proceed to add to your list all the features you would like to have if they’re available. This will give you a good list to go off of when doing bathroom renovations.

Next, you want to consider the style that you want your bathroom to have. There are endless options when it comes to styles. You may want to go contemporary, antique, traditional, or rustic, just to name a few. A tub is a large fixture that must flow with the remaining theme of your renovation project. You don’t want to pick a tub that simply doesn’t go with the theme as it will leave your bathroom looking unfinished.

Another factor you want to consider when doing bathroom renovations is the size of the tub. You should, at this point, have a good idea of what type of tub you’re interested in getting. You need to look at how many gallons of water the tub holds. Compare this with the number of gallons that your hot water heater can hold. Your hot water heater should be able to produce more gallons than your tub can hold. If this is not the case, you may want to consider upgrading your water heater or adding a second one.

Choosing the right bathtubs for bathroom renovations takes some time. You want to, at the bare minimum, assess all of the following factors above. This will ensure that you pick a bathtub that flows with your renovation style and fits all of your personal needs.

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Bathroom Renovations Melbourne Spaces

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Space To Your Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are a great way to restructure your bathroom to fit your individual routine. During the renovation process, it can be very overwhelming. It’s easy to get caught up in picking out the major fixtures in your new bathroom setup. However, you should always ensure you never forget to include storage in your room design.

One of the most convenient ways to add storage space to your bathroom renovations Melbourne www.giarenovations.com.au/ is built-in towers that line a wall or two. Depending on how thick your bathroom walls are, you may be able to create enough space to build on a few different shelves. The more built-in shelves the better as you’ll be able to store more necessary items. Don’t shy away from installing shelves that are overhead as they make great places for storing extra items you only need to get once in a while.

Depending on the size of your bathroom renovations, you may easily be able to create extra storage space in your vanity setup. This can include wall-mounted shelving surrounding the bathroom mirror. Or, you may prefer to do some under sink storage. If your sink doesn’t have an enclosed under-area, you can simply utilize baskets to place loose items in. If your sink is really tiny with no room for shelving, you may want to invest in a sink shirt. This is a fashionable way to section off the bottom portion of your stand-up sink to allow for additional storage which remains out of sight of users.

If you have some extra area on the walls in your bathroom, you can always opt for crate shelving. These are more enclosed than traditional shelving. The best part is that they give a flare of style that is not seen with plain shelves. Crate shelving is becoming an increasingly popular style of storage space in new bathroom renovations. If you don’t have room on the wall, you can always utilize a crate for storage and simply set it in an open corner or on your vanity.

When it comes to storage for bathroom renovations http://www.giarenovations.com.au/ peg rails are highly underrated. These are the perfect solution to help store your towels for regular use. This solves the problem of a wet floor due to a soaked towel being dropped down on it. Peg rails work great for shower towels as well as hand towels. These can fit in almost any bathroom location without a problem.

Having storage needs to be a high priority for anyone doing bathroom renovations. The above are just some easy ways you can incorporate more storage into your bathroom. We encourage you to continue to think of more ways to give yourself some extra storage room so you never run out.

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Proper Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

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Proper Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Everyone uses a bathroom once or twice per day. Therefore, these rooms should always look attractive, clean, and lively to bring a positive impact to our minds. Sometimes, the homeowner may decide to make bathroom renovations and create a different colour scheme or furnishing to satisfy his or her taste. Bathroom renovations require well-experienced plumbers and carpenters who will renovate the room to the highest standards. Below are some crucial factors to consider when renovating your bathroom.

The Amount of Work Required
It helps the homeowner to come up with the right budget that will facilitate Bathroom Renovations Melbourne by GIA Renovations Some of the homeowners consider upgrading the whole room, which can lead to additional costs. When drafting your budget, you may consult an experienced contractor to avoid leaving important things out.

Tubs and Showers
Nowadays, many homeowners want their bathrooms to have separate bathtubs and showers. Modern bathrooms have shower stalls and standalone tubs that makes the room ideal for a spa. Before making the final decision on bathroom renovations, the homeowner should think about the location of the showers and tubs. Some homeowners want to have them in a separate room while others want them in one place. These choices will enable you to have the right bathroom that will meet your expectations.

A bathroom is usually used by everyone in the house before they leave for their daily chores. Therefore, there should be ample lighting in the room to make everyone comfortable and happy. When initiating bathroom renovations, it is advisable to install the lighting system close to the mirror or door to make the room ideal for everyone. Lighting fixtures will also help the homeowner to come up with the right design of his or her bathroom.

High-Quality Fixtures
During bathroom renovations, homeowners should buy products from well-known dealers. High-quality products will work efficiently for a long time without requiring repair or maintenance. You should invest in dual-flush toilets and energy-saving bulbs that will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. These types of products help in saving energy and water thus lowering monthly bills for the homeowners.

Conclusively, Gia renovations http://www.giarenovations.com.au/ are manageable if the homeowner highlights all the changes he or she needs and how the entire process will be carried out. The homeowner should research trending designs by visiting homes of friends, workmates or by consulting an interior designer. It helps him or her to have a wide variety of designs before making the final decision on renovating your bathroom.

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Importance Of Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

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Importance Of Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

The Importance Of Kitchen Renovations
The kitchen is where the delectable meals are concocted, where the peaks and pits of your days are revealed, and most importantly, the kitchen is where the heart is. For these reasons, your kitchen should be as warm and indelible as the memories that unfold within it. If your once sparkling kitchen has now lost its luster, a Kitchen Renovations Melbourne at GIA Renovations can breathe new life into your run-down cooking space. Before embarking on such an undertaking, though, you should prepare yourself for what’s to come.What To Expect During A Kitchen Renovation
While the finished product is glamorous, the journey to get there is anything but. Kitchen renovations bring with them a great deal of volume, a thick layer of dust, inevitable delays, and unceasing decisions. If you can summon the courage to withstand these adverse conditions, a Gia Renovations http://www.giarenovations.com.au/ will be awaiting you at the end of this noisy, filthy, and lengthy tunnel.Kitchen Renovation Preparation
Now that we’ve established the cons of a kitchen renovation, let’s delve into the preparatory work. Before a kitchen renovation can come to fruition, some guidelines and preferences need to be agreed upon. These details will be the driving force behind the completed look, so it’s imperative that they are addressed with careful consideration. Here are some suitable starting points to get the ball rolling.

  • Is there a time frame you’d like this kitchen renovation to be completed in?
  • Is there a specific color scheme you have in mind?
  • How much countertop space would you like?
  • Are your appliances beyond repair?
  • Are you a fan of backsplashes?
  • What does a feasible budget look like?
  • Are your floors or countertops collecting mold?
  • Would you like to incorporate an island?

Additional Considerations
While these additional considerations may be of secondary importance, they’re undoubtedly worth mulling over if you have the time and budget for them.

  • Separate compartments for recyclable items
  • A range for the oven
  • Additional appliances
  • Quartz countertops
  • Induction stovetop
  • Double ovens
  • Utensil racks
  • Coffee bar
  • Corner storage space

Above All Else, Budget Properly
While financial undertakings of this magnitude would give anyone pause, it’s imperative that you create a budget and remain loyal to it. Unplanned hiccups aren’t all that uncommon, so it’s best to set aside a rainy day fund should unfavorable situations arise.

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