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Space To Your Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are a great way to restructure your bathroom to fit your individual routine. During the renovation process, it can be very overwhelming. It’s easy to get caught up in picking out the major fixtures in your new bathroom setup. However, you should always ensure you never forget to include storage in your room design.

One of the most convenient ways to add storage space to your bathroom renovations Melbourne is built-in towers that line a wall or two. Depending on how thick your bathroom walls are, you may be able to create enough space to build on a few different shelves. The more built-in shelves the better as you’ll be able to store more necessary items. Don’t shy away from installing shelves that are overhead as they make great places for storing extra items you only need to get once in a while.

Depending on the size of your bathroom renovations, you may easily be able to create extra storage space in your vanity setup. This can include wall-mounted shelving surrounding the bathroom mirror. Or, you may prefer to do some under sink storage. If your sink doesn’t have an enclosed under-area, you can simply utilize baskets to place loose items in. If your sink is really tiny with no room for shelving, you may want to invest in a sink shirt. This is a fashionable way to section off the bottom portion of your stand-up sink to allow for additional storage which remains out of sight of users.

If you have some extra area on the walls in your bathroom, you can always opt for crate shelving. These are more enclosed than traditional shelving. The best part is that they give a flare of style that is not seen with plain shelves. Crate shelving is becoming an increasingly popular style of storage space in new bathroom renovations. If you don’t have room on the wall, you can always utilize a crate for storage and simply set it in an open corner or on your vanity.

When it comes to storage for bathroom renovations peg rails are highly underrated. These are the perfect solution to help store your towels for regular use. This solves the problem of a wet floor due to a soaked towel being dropped down on it. Peg rails work great for shower towels as well as hand towels. These can fit in almost any bathroom location without a problem.

Having storage needs to be a high priority for anyone doing bathroom renovations. The above are just some easy ways you can incorporate more storage into your bathroom. We encourage you to continue to think of more ways to give yourself some extra storage room so you never run out.

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